Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I thought bacon mints were over the top;

This is insane. Anyone ever tried drinking this? I would love to know what it's like.

And this;

So good lookinggggggggg. The sweet-saltiness would be so very good.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

While waiting for my dinner to heat up;

I wondered what it would be like with bacon on top. Basically, ravioli with bacon;

Hope you're as hungry as I am!

Breakfast of the Champions.

These guys' videos are rather funny. I enjoy watching the videos when hungry. The giant egg roll and fortune cookie is probably my favorite one so far. Bacon is included in every video, by the way.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nutritional Info of Bacon

The Nutritional Information of a single strand of bacon is...

Who really cares? It's delicious and worth every step closer to a heart attack. But for those of you who really do care about what bacon contributes to your body;

Calories; 120
Total Fat; 8g
Cholesterol; 21g
Sodium; 4,002mg

3 strands of bacon ^^^

Ever wonder what you can do with bacon besides pan fry it?

I know you enjoy bacon as much as I do. Bacon is the ultimate meat for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. It does not always have to be eaten by itself though, and can be used in many ways such as;

- Make a good BLT sandwich!

- Bacon flavored Cotton Candy of Charleston, South Carolina.

- Bacon martinis.

- Shape a cup out of bacon and fill it with lettuce and tomato for a breadless BLT.

- Maple bacon cupcakes or Cinnamon rolls.